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Victoria, spent many years in the west coast and developed  friendships with big time Sports consultants Vegas odds makers for various sports books, and befriended many professional athletes who help give her in edge on the games she picks.

Having always been obsessed with statistics, a few years ago she began implementing her own computer model forecasting sports formula that put the odds in her favor in finding the right lines in each contest.  Over the past couples years, she’s won more than the sports bettors and handicappers she came across.

After solidifying her own formula, Victoria worked with software engineers to create a software that automatically computer-generates winning picks as well as Bankroll management so your bankroll no matter how big or small will grow over time.

Victoria's main focus is finding the trends before they become trends.  As well as knowing when a trend will end and a new one will begin.


 Victoria’s hyper-focus on winning games has landed her as one of the most profitable handicapping systems out there today.

Taylor - She is a die hard sports bettor that began in college football and became obsessed with all sports.  Her specialty is college football, NFL and college basketball.  She played QB at her college girls team.


Ashleigh- Studied to be a math teacher she is great with numbers.  Watches every sports game and uses her math skills to find the right number and the best odds to put in your favor.



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